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Boost your research career with Twitter and LinkedIn

(Photo: Esther Vargas, Flickr, Creative Commons license)
(Photo: Esther Vargas, Flickr, Creative Commons license)

Seminar — Course for scientists, researchers and research communicators at the University of Copenhagen


Date & Time:

University of Copenhagen, central campus.

Hosted by:
University of Copenhagen

DKK 980


The course takes place on 26th September and 10th October 2018, from 9.00 to 12.30. 

Platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Reddit allow you to find and reach out to other experts and collaboration partners throughout the world. And they give you a potential global audience for your own specific research field and project.

In this course, you will learn how to monitor specific fields, share via Twitter and other networks, and integrate social media into conferences, seminars, research and communication.


You will:

  • Learn how to use Twitter and LinkedIn in a way that supports your work and career as a researcher.
  • Find your own specific social media method and concept to fit your personality and research topic.


You will see what Twitter and LinkedIn can do, and how you as a researcher and communicator can get the platforms to work together.

In the course we will go through the following. How to:

  • Set up personal routines, augmented by automation, for monitoring news and ideas from specific research areas.
  • Integrate social media in events and conferences
  • Get other people involved in your research
  • Crowdsource content for specific research projects
  • Create a personal social media brand, centered on your own expertise
  • Use Twitter and LinkedIn to extend your reach and better define your own research field at an international levelM
  • Make yourself the expert on platforms like Reddit and Quora


The course consists of two morning workshops. In the first one (day one), you find an element within your own research area or specialty that can be used for a catchy concept on Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit or Quora.

Your homework is to implement this concept and to start sharing.
In the second workshop (day 2), you will get feedback on your work so you can refine your concept for even greater impact.

Participants and expectations

The course is for researchers, scientists and communication staff at the University of Copenhagen. You need to have set yourself up with a Twitter and Linkedin account before the start of the course.

Note: The course will be held in English. If all present are Danish-speaking, the course may be held in Danish.

Course dates are 26th September and 10th October 2018, from 9.00 to 12.30 (including lunch)

Course fee: DKK 980

You sign up for this course at the University of Copenhagen on this page here (needs log KUnet log in).


Mike Young is the former editor of the University Post at the University of Copenhagen. His agency Mike Young Academy has done courses in social media for researchers in Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Switzerland.

Does your department, faculty or university need to boost the international impact and career of your researchers? More about the Mike Young Academy courses in social media for researchers here.