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Callum Thomas // Sustainable Aviation

Debat — The Future of Air Transport in Low Carbon Economy - Where will your grandchildren be going on holiday? Lecture and debate by Sustainability Science Centre.


Date & Time:

Lundbeck Auditoriet
Ole Maaløes Vej 5 (Biocenter)
2200 Copenhagen

Hosted by:
Sustainability Science Centre



Sustainability Science Centre is proud to present a sustainability lecture on 11 April 2019, with Callum Thomas, Professor of Sustainable Aviation at the Manchester Metropolitan University.

Over the past 50 years air transport has changed the world in which we live. Aviation growth has given rise to new patterns of trade and migration, multicultural societies and the international tourism industry. The resulting social and economic benefits are significant, but so too the adverse environmental costs.

For over 30 years Callum Thomas has worked in the field of air transport and the environment, initially at Manchester Airport and then as Professor of Sustainable Aviation at the Manchester Metropolitan University. He has an international reputation with Governments, industry and in academia.

In this lecture, Callum will address the sustainable future of aviation and discuss the topic with Martin Porsgaard, Director of Sustainable Aviation, NISA (Nordic Initiative for Sustainable Aviation) and a representative from AIRBUS.

Henrik Hansen, Professor and Head of studies, Department of Economics, will moderate the talk. Commentary by Robert Arendal, retired Aviation Executive.

Admission is free, but registration is necessary: https://sustainability.ku.dk/lectures-congresses/nextlecture/signup/