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Challenges of Nature - International Mother Earth Day 2021

Konference — Looking forward to seeing you!


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AiiA - Det Interkulturelle Akademi



Ladies and gentlemen!

On the 22nd of April, AiiA will once again host the annual celebration of the International Mother Earth Day. This year our focus will be on the many challenges that nature and the people protecting it face in 2021.

We have the pleasure of having Anders Sanchez Barfod from Aarhus Universitet who will tell us about the challenges of biodiversity on a global as well as a local level, Misha Wolsgaard-Iversen from Oxfam IBIS who will enlighten the Indigenous Peoples fight for the environment and Laura Ponce-Garmann will hold a ceremony for Mother Earth.

More is on the agenda but remains yet a surprise. What we can share with you is, that we will show a series of short videos of sustainable projects in Latin America, all sharing the same purpose – environmental protection. So, join us on the 22nd of April!

Note that the event will be online and in English.

Get your free ticket here: https://billetto.dk/e/challenges-of-nature-international-mother-earth-day-2021-billetter-523187


19:00 – Hello and welcome!

19:30 – Presentation – Anders Sanchez Barfod

20:15 – Break

20:30 – Presentation – Misha Wolsgaard-Iversen

21:15 – Cermony for Mother Earth – Laura Ponce-Garmann