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Conference on Islam and Europeanization - legal perspectives

Konference — This conference is for researchers, lawyers, judges, law students and others, who are interested in the legal aspects of Islam in Europe.


Date & Time:

Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, Njalsgade 76, 2300 Copenhagen S, Room: TBA

Hosted by:
CECS - Centre for European and Comparative Legal Studies



During the conference, six leading scholars from around Europe will discuss how Islamic law and other Islamic norms are being used in Europe and how the European legal systems are responding to it.

This will include looking at the underlying needs of the Muslim populations in Europe, as well as how they are currently applying Islamic law and legal practices in Europe, e.g. in relation to marriage. The conference will also focus on which legal problems have arisen out of these practices, and how European lawyers, judges, and politicians can either help solve these problems or exacerbate the tensions. Furthermore, the conference will include a talk on how the European Court of Human Rights have responded to Islam across Europe, as well as a talk about the possibilities of using Islamic finance in Europe, especially in the Nordic countries, where this has so far been hindered by legal obstacles.

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