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COP27: Can diplomacy solve the climate crisis (this time)?

Debat — Debate


Date & Time:

The Social Sciences Faculty Library, Gothersgade 140

Hosted by:
The Faculty of Social Sciences



Leaders, officials, organisations, companies, and civil society actors from all over the world will soon meet once again for the UN’s annual climate summit.

But even if action becomes more urgent with each passing year, the world is still far from reaching the agreed climate targets. So, what should we expect from COP27?

Attend the morning debate at the Faculty of Social Sciences on Tuesday 11 October at 08:30-09:30 and learn why climate diplomacy is so difficult and what it has achieved. How can the countries of the world find climate solutions at a time when climate considerations are often disregarded for more urgent crises such as the energy crisis and the war in Ukraine?


  • Michele Betsill, professor of global environmental policy at the University of Copenhagen
  • John Nordbo, climate advisor at CARE Denmark
  • Anette Ejersted, subject manager for environment and circular economy at The Danish Chamber of Commerce and former Danish chief negotiator to the UNFCCC
  • Jakob Dreyer, PhD student in political science at the University of Copenhagen

The debate is moderated by Simon Kjær Hansen, director of the Crown Princess Mary Center at the University of Copenhagen and vice chairman of the 2030-panel.

We offer morning coffee from 08:15.