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Copenhagen Nanomedicine Day 2020


Konference — This symposium highlights how nanomedicines start to impact the therapy of rare and genetic diseases and contribute to the future of health care and personalized medicine.


Date & Time:

Virtual conference - all online

Hosted by:
Urs Hafeli, urs.hafeli@sund.ku.dk



At the University of Copenhagen and other Denmark-based universities, biotechnology companies and health related institutes, there is a significant amount of research going on in the nanomedicine area.

Local and Danish leaders in Nanomedicine will highlight these developments:

  • Jørgen Kjems, Aarhus University: “Nucleic acid nanostructures for targeted drug delivery and diagnostics”
  • Camilla Foged, University of Copenhagen: “The dawn of RNA therapeutics – delivery is key”
  • Mie Kristensen, University of Copenhagen: “Drug-conjugation to Tat affects its potential to facilitate brain endothelial cell adherence, uptake, and barrier permeation”
  • Torben Moos, Aalborg University: “Targeted delivery of nanoparticles at the blood-brain barrier”
  • Feng Wan, University of Copenhagen: “Inhalable nanoparticles-assisted site-specific delivery of antimicrobials for the treatment of chronic lung infections”
  • Monica Agnoletti, University of Copenhagen: “Passive lung targeting of biodegradable monosized microspheres for antibiotic delivery

Several international speakers will also present new nanomedicines:

  • Twan Lammers, RWTH Aachen, Germany: “Smart cancer nanomedicine”
  • Arto Urtti, University of Estern Finland: “Drug Delivery to the Eye: Aspects of Drug Formulation and Pharmacokinetics”
  • Sven Even Borgos, SINTEF, Norway: “RNA nanomedicines – unlimited opportunities and analytical challenges”
  • Bruno Sarmento, University of Porto, Portugal: “Combining mucodiffusion and targeting to optimize the potential of nanomedicine in the intestinal absorption of biodrugs”

We are looking forward to learning about nanomedicines with you!