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Copenhagen Sustainability Day

Konference — Come and celebrate Earth Day at Studenterhuset by participating in Actory’s first ever Copenhagen Sustainability Day! Join talks by academics in the field, fun waste workshops, a clothes swap, eat with us and stay for quiz and drinks in the evening.


Date & Time:

Studenterhuset, Købmagergade 52, 1150 KBH K

Hosted by:
Actory @Studenterhuset




We are currently putting together the programme – but you can get a glimpse already.

11.00-12.00: Kristian Bjerregaard Hansen, responsible for recycling at Vestforbrænding
Workshop about: waste recycling and consumption and consumer habits

14:00-14:45: Bo Fritzbøger, lektor, Saxo-Instituttet
Talk: Is continued economic growth in affluent western societies likely to be globally sustainable?

15.00-15.45: Christian Gamborg, ph.d. and associate professor in natural resource ethics
Talk with the topic: Understanding Sustainability

16.00-16.45: Marin Lysák, Postdoc, Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences
Talk. Topic: TBA

Don’t Shop. Swap. Reuse is the most sustainable form of consumption as it does not require the addition of new resources, but instead gives new life to old things that are too good to be thrown away and can be used again.

Are your old summer dresses just hanging around the closet? Did you never get to use that pair of shoes your mom got you for Christmas? At our swap market you can hand in things you no longer use, and perhaps find something you can enjoy.

At 12:00 we will serve free vegan sandwiches for the first 50 participants. At 18:00 we serve pizza.

We will also use this opportunity to mark Actory’s 1st birthday. In january, Actory started into it’s second year – and we didn’t have the chance to celebrate yet. So we will give a very short speech and serve cake.

FROM 17.00
In the evening we go from talks, workshops and the swap market to another kind of entertainment with pub quiz and drinks.

The event is free and open for everyone, you do not have to participate all day but can choose the part that suits you better. No sign up required.

We are looking forward to see you!

Find more information on our webpage: https://actory.dk/copenhagen-sustainability-day