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Konference — Join the Digital Fair and learn more about Social Science within digital technology. We also encourage you to reflect on your competencies and get inspired by many startups with current and former Social Science students.


Date & Time:

CSS, Faculty of Social Science, Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1353 Copenhagen C. Chr. Hansen auditorium

Hosted by:
Career Counselling at Faculty of Social Sciences



​Join the Digital Fair and learn more about Social Science within digital technology. We also encourage you to reflect on your competencies and get inspired by many startups with current and former Social Science students.

On this fair you will experience how Social Science can play an important role in the intersection of technology and citizens/customers or political goals and technological opportunities.

Please sign up here: https://socialsciences.ku.dk/forms/digital-fair-2019/

Why a Digital Fair for Social Science Students?
When it comes to delivering effective digital transformations, human behavior is often overlooked in favor of a focus on technology. It is for this reason that the Faculty of Social Sciences wants to address the human and cultural aspects of digital transformation together with you as a student.

At the Digital Fair you can explore new companies and career opportunities.

 Setup on the fair
– Talk to company representatives at their stands
– Join workshops on video production based on field work
– Gain new insights to research on digitalization from Faculty of Social Sciences
– Meet startups with students from Faculty of Social Sciences
– Participate in panel discussion about artificial intelligence

Programme 13:00-18:00 p.m.
(Times to be added)
– Workshop within video production based on field work with anthropologist
– Accenture: How to work within technology as a Political Science Graduate
– Presentation about AI and the role of Social Science or missing role of Social Science
– Panel discussion on AI with experts

Companies to meet at stands:
– Netcompany
– Microsoft
– Deloitte
– Accenture
– Damvad
– Agency of Digitalisation
– Ministry of Taxation
– Leo Innovation Lab
– Approxima
– 2021.AI
– Casefair
– Fintech Copenhagen
– VR Learning Lab, Psychology
– Danish National Police (Rigspolitiet)
– UCPH Innovation HUBs
– Digi-Talks
– Calcabis – https://calcabis.com/
– Pay Tack – http://www.pay-tack.com/
– Clareply/NewClient.app – https://newclient.app/
– Pie Systems – https://www.pievat.com/
– PackItUp – https://packitup.dk/

You should participate because: 
– the human factor plays a very important role in digital technology
– a fundamental rethinking of customer experience, business models, and operations force companies to find new ways to deliver value – you can help!
– companies interaction with employees, communities, government and the environment changes. Social science has an impact at every step of the value chain
– you will often be situated in the intersection of political goals and technological possibilities or technology and customers/ctizens
– digitalization affects us all and envelops all sectors, and especially companies since it changes the entire corporate culture
– effective management of digital transformation and responsible handling is strongly required
– digitalization also means the generation of new job specifications and new opportunities for Social Science students.

Let’s make an impact together and reshape the traditional recruiting of companies and bring more social science knowledge into action and put human behaviour first.