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DIKU Bits: Climbing Steiner Trees

Foredrag — At this DIKU Bits lecture addressed at DIKU's bachelor students, Pawel Winter will share some highlights and also some disappointments which he encountered over the years working on Steiner trees.


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Lille UP1, Universitetsparken 1, 2100 København Ø

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Pawel Winter, Professor and Head of the APL section

I have been working on Steiner trees on and off for the last 35 years. It all started with an accidentally chosen master thesis topic, and gradually led me through many variants of this problem. I had to dive into graph theory, data structures, integer programming, computational geometry, kinetic data structures, and applications in network design, routing and molecular biology. I will try to share with you some highlights and also some disappointments which I encountered over the years. Perhaps there will be someone in the audience that will become as fascinated by these still far from fully solved problems as I did for many years ago and still am.

The talk will be conducted in English

DIKU Bits: A new lecture series at DIKU
In this new lecture series you can get a closer look at the research conducted at DIKU, be motivated you to follow your interest in computer science and be inspired when choosing a subject for your bachelors project. The lectures are addressed to DIKU bachelor students – however, everyone is welcome. Find more information about DIKU Bits in Danish / in English.