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DIKU Bits: DIKU against Corona

Foredrag — Learn more about how researchers from DIKU help Copenhagen University Hospitals predict which and how many Covid-19 patients will be severely affected and need intensive care.


Date & Time:

Zoom: https://ucph-ku.zoom.us/j/62350142148

Hosted by:
Martin Lillholm (VILU, DIKU), head of studies at DIKU and Datalogisk Fagråd


This DIKU Bits lecture will be held online via Zoom: https://ucph-ku.zoom.us/j/62350142148


Mads Nielsen, Professor in the Image Analysis, Computational Modelling and Geometry section and Head of Department, DIKU.


Covid-19 has impacted everybody’s daily life. We all have to keep safe from contamination or contaminating others since, at this point, we still do not know why some are having a very light and nearly symptom-free infection whereas others develop severe Covid-19 with respiratory failure and even death.

A team of researchers from several sections at DIKU and the Copenhagen University Hospitals have pushed all other work aside for a period to help the hospitals to predict which and how many patients will be severely affected and need intensive care including ventilation.

We will present our data from the electronic health records, our methodology and some preliminary results.

About DIKU Bits

DIKU Bits is an open and free lecture series hosted by Department of Computer Science (DIKU) targeted at bachelor students at DIKU and related areas – but open for everyone interested.​