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Existential coaching (webinar) by Yannik Jacob


Foredrag — As the CoViD-19 pandemic continues to affect the world, people and organizations are coming face-to-face with existential concerns, such as endings & death, meaninglessness & absurdity, (lack of) freedom and/or isolation. Now, more than ever, existential philosophy is relevant to individuals, groups and organisations as the world and our clients experience their human condition more fiercely, and increasingly find themselves faced, personally and professionally, with the weight of existential questions. Such big questions always, in some way or another, influence the way we navigate and experience our life and work. This talk will introduce some of these big questions, illustrate the basic tenets of existential thought and how it relates to coaching practice. It will lay out the landscape for existential coaching, define its frame and illustrate its value and practical application.


Date & Time:

Online via Zoom - husk tilmelding for at modtage link!

Hosted by:
Prof. Reinhard Stelter, Institut for Idræt og Ernæring



Why the BIG philosophical questions matter when navigating life and career