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Fighting Harmful Content on the Web

webinar — Join this webinar to get insights in automatic fact checking using natural language processing, e.g. for combatting harmful content on the web.


Date & Time:

Online on Zoom

Hosted by:
Department of Computer Science - University of Copenhagen (DIKU), DIKU Business Club and 3Shape



Fake news, hate speech and biased search algorithms have become some of the biggest problems in today’s media landscape. How can AI methods be used to combat these problems? Are the solutions to these problems democratic or do they raise the barrier for traditional media entrants? Are we heading towards a streaming future and what challenges does this present for content moderation workflows?

In this webinar, you can learn how researchers and industry practitioners collaborate on strategies to reduce harmful content on the Web — including what some of the solutions are – and how it can help decision-makers, including governmental bodies and social media platform operators.

Who should participate?

If you are interested in fake news detection and the technology behind NLP, Natural Language Processing, an upcoming field of research related to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, you should join this webinar, whether as a researcher, a media creator, a decision-maker or simply in your capacity of a media user.


The webinar is open to all interested persons, but you need to register here.


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