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Final Appraisal Seminar for Tenure Track Assistant Professor Joanna Bergström

Seminar — On 17 August, Joanna Bergström, Tenure Track Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science will do her Final Appraisal Seminar titled “Movement in Human-Computer Interaction”.


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Department of Computer Science



Movement in Human-Computer Interaction


People interact with the world by moving around, pointing to address, touching to feel, and grasping to manipulate. These are also the ways users interact with computers. We point with a mouse to select, move an avatar’s hand to feel what we can do with a virtual body, press and swipe a touchscreen to manipulate mobile phone’s apps, or teleport to move between rooms in virtual reality.

Computers do not provide similar sensory cues for interaction as physical surroundings, in which our bodies and brain have evolved for hundreds of millennia to interact and upon which we have built our lifetime experience of moving. This provides fundamental challenges for designing how to give feedback so that interaction with the computer is effective, comfortable, and learnable. My research agenda is to improve how people move in human–computer interaction.

In this talk, I will introduce my research agenda and present my work on it during the past four years as a tenure-track assistant professor. I will also present my plans on advancing this agenda in the future, both in research and teaching at DIKU.

Wish to attend?

The seminar will be hosted online and open to anyone interested via this link.

Assessment Committee

  • Associate Dean of Research, Lise Arleth, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (Chairperson)
  • Head of Department, Professor Jakob Grue Simonsen, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Vice-Head of Department of Teaching, Martin Lillholm, University of Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Professor, Mikael Skov, Aalborg University, Denmark
  • Senior Lecturer, Mark Dunlop, University of Strathclyde, Scotland

Academic supervisor

Professor, Jon Sporring, University of Copenhagen, Denmark