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Global Health Film Days

Øvrige — Come and join Denmark’s new film festival about the global challenges and opportunities that are determining the future wellbeing of humans and the planet.


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Copenhagen: The Cinematheque, Medical Museum, Maersk Tower and Apostel Church
Aarhus: Øst for Paradis

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Global Health Film Days



Corona showed us that health is a global issue. On an evermore connected planet, circumstances in one place can affect the health of another at lightning speed. Once again we are opening the global health umbrella, showing that global health is more than just pandemics and viruses: women’s sexual and reproductive health and rights, indigenous peoples’ health, global food security, mental health and aging, climate justice, diseases of neglected populations, urbanisation, and refugee health.


Global challenges require global solutions, and that is precisely the starting point for Global Health Film Days. We want to discuss solutions and ideas together with competent panellists and the audience, so that everyone leaves the cinema inspired to action. Join the debate!


Practical information:



Copenhagen: The Cinematheque, Medical Museum, Maersk Tower and Apostel Church

Aarhus: Øst for Paradis


When: 25 April – 5 May 2022

Price: 85 DKK / Students: 75 DKK / Cinematheque members: 55 DKK


See the programme at www.globalhealth.ku.dk/film

Questions? Write to globalhealthfilm@sund.ku.dk



Female genital mutilation/cutting: In Search…

MON 25/04 16:45 – The Cinematheque

Beryl Magoko, 2018 / English dialogue, English subtitles / 90 min. + 15 min. mini lecture and 45 min. Q&A

Embark on an intimate journey with Beryl Magoko – a brave and determined young woman – who talks about her experiences going through female genital mutilation/cutting and the need to undergo a reconstructive surgery on her genitals. Join us in an exploration of trauma, tradition, and above all, womanhood.

EVENT Mini lecture about female genital cutting before the film and Q&A with the director in Asta Bar afterwards.


Abortion: Let It be Law

TUE 26/04 16:45 – The Cinematheque

Juan Solanas, 2019 / Spanish dialogue, English subtitles / 82 min. + 45 min panel + workshop

Let it be law! Let it be law that women have the right to abortion! Period! Follow the Green Wave of pro-choice activists fighting for the legalization of abortion in Argentina. The film provides an intimate insight into the protests, activism and political debates leading up to the vote in the Senate in 2019.

EVENT Panel about the global trends in abortion laws and the possible drivers of the newfound restrictions in countries such as Poland and the USA. Create your own SheDecides window poster in Asta Bar afterwards.


Indigenous rights and food sovereignty: Gather

WED 27/04 16:45 – The Cinematheque

Sanjay Rawal, 2020 / English dialogue / 74 min + 20 min. intro. + 45 min. panel

Gather is an intimate portrait of the growing movements among indigenous communities in America. The film depicts the struggle of Native Americans to reclaim their spiritual, political, and cultural identities through food sovereignty, while battling the trauma of centuries of genocide.

EVENT Chef Nephi Craig will introduce the film. Panel about indigenous rights and food sovereignty with representatives from several human rights organisations and University of Copenhagen.


Urbanisation and health: Homo Urbanus Venetianus

THUR 28/04 17:00 – Mærsk Tower

Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine, 2018 / No dialogue / 55 min. + 90 min. panel and networking

From the top of the Mærsk Tower with a 360 degree view of Copenhagen, you can experience three films between observational cinema and imaged anthropology, depicting citizens’ daily lives and responses to common challenges in three other and very different urban contexts. The main screening is Homo Urbanus Venetianus while Homo Urbanus Shanghaianus and Homo Urbanus Bogotanus can be experienced in the adjacent exhibition space.

EVENT: Panel discussion about the global health threats that arise in urban environments and the solutions to create sustainable cities that enable human health and well-being.


Noma: Restoring Dignity: A Journey with Noma Survivors

FRI 29/04 16:00 – Medical Museion / WED 04/05 17:00 – Øst for Paradis

Claire Jeantet & Fabrice Catérini, 2018 / Hausa, Pidgin English, English dialogue with English subtitles / 52 min. + 45 min. panel

At the Noma Hospital in Sokoto, Nigeria, disfigured noma survivors find a unique place to heal their wounds. An intimate portrait of people living with the terrible physical and psychological consequences of noma – a gangrenous infection starting in the mouth caused by extreme poverty, malnutrition and poor hygiene. While they suffer from pain and discrimination, they are on a life-changing journey to overcome years of isolation.

EVENT CPH: Panel with the film’s director, a MSF nurse and a medical humanities researcher after the screening. Free entry to Medical Museion with the event ticket before the screening. Organised with Médecins Sans Frontières and Medical Museion.


Dementia and care: Everything is now

SAT 30/04 14:15 – The Cinematheque

Veronika Penz, 2021 / Austrian dialogue, English subtitles / 46 min. + 45 min. panel

After retiring, they wanted to travel. Do the things they never had time for. Then Ferdinand develops dementia. Everything is now takes us through the moments between forgetting and remembering, tragedy and comedy, as one family is confronted with the reality of a loved one slowly fading away.

EVENT Reflection and discussion about the film and the questions it raises around identity, care, ageing and ultimately hope after the film.


Global food systems: 10 billion mouths

SAT 30/04 16:45 – The Cinematheque / TUE 03/05 17:00 – Øst for Paradis

Mona Birch Torbensen, 2022 / English dialogue / 60 min. + 30 min. panel

Our food system is responsible for 80 percent of the world’s biodiversity loss and one third of all CO2 emissions. At the same time, 800 million people are malnourished and 2 billion overweight. In ‘10 Billion Mouths ’, Professor Katherine Richardson asks one question to Danish entrepreneurs, Dutch researchers, Costa Rican officials and Nigerian farmers: how do we feed 10 billion mouths without destroying the planet?

EVENT Talk after the screenings with Professor Richardson and guests.

Refugee health: Ghosts of Moria + Nothing About Us Without Us

SUN 01/05 15:00 – Apostel Church

Michael Graversen, Florian Elabdi, 2022 / Arabic dialogue with English subtitles / 25 min. + Yaser Akbari, Nazanin Foroghi, 2022 / English and other dialogue with English subtitles / 30 min  + 45 min. panel

Through short films, discussions, and food, we will shed light on the living conditions of refugees and asylum seekers on the Greek island Lesvos and at the borders of Europe. The event, organized in collaboration with Médecins Sans Frontières and the refugee justice community centre Weekend Trampoline house, will provide insights into the medical and humanitarian aid missions in Lesvos.

EVENT  After the screening a panel will explore what it means to be ‘between places’. Donation-based dinner by Sisters Cuisine after the panel.


Climate justice: Short film programme

MON 02/05 16:45 – The Cinematheque

Six different climate justice short films: Untold Stories of Climate Change, Sierra Leone; Mozambique: Where the Mango Trees Used to Be; Oil and Water; Believing in a New World; Matagi Mālohi: Strong Winds; Vaka – see www.globalhealth.ku.dk/film for film info / 73 min. + 45 min. panel

While the climate crisis will affect us all, its impact will not be shared equally. This short film programme will take us across the globe to witness how climate change impacts poor, marginalised and indigenous communities. We amplify the voices of the people on the frontline of the climate crisis and show their stories of resilience, activism and hope.

EVENT Discussion and reflection about sustainable solutions to tackle climate justice and how we as individuals can support this cause.