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Green Roofs, Urban Waterways, and Higher Education

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Forelæsning — Sustainability Science Centre and the U.S. Embassy of Denmark invites you to a sustainability lecture on 16 November 2021 with Dr. Timothy Carter, president of Second Nature and founder of the Center for Urban Ecology at Butler University.


Date & Time:

Zoom-meeting. Link: https://statedept.zoomgov.com/j/1601459834?pwd=cnI1ZVVXY3FudFYyc2FTdnVBNVArUT09

Hosted by:
Sustainability Science Centre and the U.S. Embassy of Denmark



In this lecture, Dr. Timothy Carter will talk about how the many types of environmentally-relevant infrastructure in society play a key role in how systems function – physical, social, cultural, and others. By definition, however, these infrastructures are hidden and most people either ignore, or take for granted, the functions that they perform. With three different case studies at increasing scales, Dr. Carter will describe creative approaches designed to draw attention to these hidden systems and therefore change the perception of how these infrastructures can be used to accelerate change.

The moderator of this lecture will be Professor Katherine Richardson, leader of the Sustainability Science Centre. The lecture will be given on Zoom via the link: https://statedept.zoomgov.com/j/1601459834?pwd=cnI1ZVVXY3FudFYyc2FTdnVBNVArUT09

Admission is free, but registration is necessary.