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How much is too much - Excessive Pharmaceutical Prices in European Competition Law & Regulation

Konference — Join the debate on excessive pricing of pharmaceuticals!


Date & Time:

University of Copenhagen, The Ceremonial Hall (Festsalen), Main Building, Frue Plads 4, DK-1017 Copenhagen K

Hosted by:
CeBIL- Centre for Advanced Studies in Biomedical Innovation Law



Facing what seems to be a revival of competition law enforcement and policy debate on the topic of excessive pharmaceutical prices on both sides of the Atlantic, we aim to bring together high-level stakeholders in this field including practitioners, in-house counsels, competition authorities and scholars. The notion of “unfair” or excessive prices has been enshrined in article 102 TFEU regarding exploitative pricing abuses by a dominant firm, although the application and enforcement of this has been rather limited in practice. Recent case law and an evolution of thought regarding competition law and legal-economics theories point however to a possible policy shift in this regard.

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