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How to create a secure bioinformatics web server


Seminar — In this workshop, we will look at how to build and publish your own bioinformatics algorithms and tools in a secure way. Currently, most web servers require data to be send to them, but this can create issues to do with data privacy and regulation (GDPR). We will explore two solutions to this problem - one based on client-side computing and one based on a new type of encryption called Fully Homomorphic Encryption (FHE). The latter is especially interesting because it keeps both the algorithm and the data private.


Date & Time:

Mærsk tower (Blegdamsvej 3B), auditorium 13.2.25

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16:45 – Doors open.
17:00 – Workshop: Learn how to create a secure Bioinformatics web server in less than an hour.
18:00 – Lightning talks and networking.

Speaker: Jeppe Hallgren, Master’s student in Bioinformatics at University of Copenhagen, Co-founder of BioLib.com.

If you want to follow along the tutorial, you will need to have a python editor / development environment ready to use. The workshop is designed to be useful irrespective of your current level of programming skills.

After the main talk, there is an opportunity for lightning talks from the audience – bring your own ideas!
Tell us in 2.5 minutes or fewer about something tricky you have just learnt, or some generic package you have just found, etc. The rule of thumb: present something, that made you feel “I wish someone told me about that, before I’ve spent 3 days!”.

Please note, that if you are not a KU student, then in the evening access to the building is unfortunately only possible with the valid ID. Sign up by the link on the right until the end of the 17th of October (Thursday).