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Intro meeting - Rodebutikken

Øvrige — Join the Swap Hub at City Campus


Date & Time:

Øster Farimagsgade 5A, (buiding 1, basement)

Hosted by:
Rodebutikken, with support from Actory@studenterhuset



Who we are
Rodebutikken is a student-driven free-cycling station, where students can give what they have – and take what they need. It is an environmentally sustainable concept, which challenges our throw away habits. We’re internationals and locals and open to members from all studies.

Intro meeting and dinner
At this intro meeting you can hear more about the initiative, how you can volunteer and decide if you’d like to be part of the team. Sign up for the meeting in advance to make sure we get you a sandwich

The work we do together
The volunteer work we do is easy, cosy and important. We take shifts in Rodebutikken, where we open the doors, put out a sign and some racks and off course welcome people who come to swap. We put new items on hangers and shelves, drink coffee, listen to music and post some pics on social media. For those who are excited to do more, Rodebutikken is a place where you can also host events, repair clothes, learn more about sustainability or take on a role to improve our interior or social media. Rodebutikken is a part of Actory at Studenterhuset, so volunteers also get the chance to join the social activities and receive the benefits of being a volunteer at Studenterhuset.

Learn more
You can follow us on instagram and learn more about our journey so far: https://www.instagram.com/rodebutikken_css/