Københavns Universitet
Uafhængig af ledelsen


Nordic Swap Day for KU

Øvrige — Reuse - Reduse - recycle


Date & Time:

Rodebutikken, CSS, Nørre Farimagsgade 5, Building 1, basement

Hosted by:
Rodebutikken supported by Actory



Rodebutikken is KU’s very own swap station located at city campus! Come and swap clothes, books and homeware with your fellow KU students and staff on Nordic Swap Day!

Swapping old things for new gets all you need with a low carbon footprint and a clean conscience. The swap market is open from 10-14 Friday the 21st of April!
During April 21st and 22nd there will more than 200 swap events in Norway, Sweden and Denmark to promote easy recycling and swapping.

*How to participate:*
1. Find GOOD clothes, shoes, kitchen utensils or books you no longer need and want to give away
2. Bring it to Rodebutikken for the swap market
3. Go shopping for free among the great things other people brought
4. FEEL AMAZING! And have a free coffee or tea with us

If you would like to swap at other days, you can see our opening hours here: http://shorturl.at/ewEG3

You give what you can, and take what you need

We look so much forward to recycle great items with you!

If you want to be a volunteer in Rodebutikken, come talk to us and hear more about it. You can help by keeping the freeshop open, post on social media and host great events like a big swap day, repair day or other things.

Why swap?
The obvious reason is that it’s free! And saving money as a student is always a win!
The second reason is the one we focus on this time – it’s taking an active stance against overconsumption by recycling good things. By swapping and buying second hand you vote for reducing production of brand new things made by resources from our planet. Resources we are depleting faster than they grow back, when producing electronics and clothes that pollute the environment and hurt a lot of workers in the process. We don’t save the world in one day, but step by step, habit by habit, we can choose a more sustainable future together.