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Øvrige — If your work intersects between the real world and the digital arts, and you are interested in breaking the fourth wall with your artistic vision, then this course is for you!


Date & Time:

Union - Nørre Allé 7, Nørrebro

Hosted by:

Students / Undergraduate: 1000 Kr. | Graduated / Freelancers: 2000 Kr. | Companies: 3000 Kr.


During 56 hours, you will develop your skills in video mapping creation by projecting your artistic vision on the façade of Sankt Johannes Kirke (Nørrebro) during Husk Mig! De Dødes Dag Festival 2023.

Throughout seven days, you will get an introduction to the video mapping world, workflows, technology, best practices, worldwide organizations, and competitions.
In the afternoons, you will sit together as a team to develop the storytelling structure and visual content inspired by the Mexican tradition of the Day of the Dead.
Each one of you will create a slice of the big animation, which will be projected at the façade of the iconic church during the night of the 5th of November, on-sync with live music.

The Video Mapping workshop is imparted by Sofía Mellino.

Do you want to know more about it? Take a look at: www.ckultura.org
There you will also find the link to the registration form.

CkulturA is a cultural and artistic collective established by Claudia Adeath (Mexico), Fernando Massino (Argentina) and Claudia Cohen (Mexico). We combine our professional backgrounds in visual arts, film, literature and music. To create, produce and coordinate cultural events.

We have 11 years of experience producing artistic multicultural events in Copenhagen and are focused on two festivals a year: International Musikfestival Sonamos Latinoamérica and Husk Mig! De Dødes Dag Festival. We have consolidated a space where different cultures meet and exchange values, cultural wealth, expertise and experiences.
Husk Mig! De Dødes Dag Festival 2023 is organized by CkulturA in collaboration with Cinemateket, Union, Kildæveld Kulturcentret, Syncphonia (Essen, Tyskland), International School of Hellerup ISH and den Mexicanske Ambassade.
With support from Nordea Fonden.