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Open Innovation X @ DTU Skylab

Øvrige — Get a chance to work with KOMBIT, HelloScience by Novozymes and Grundfos, The Ministry of Energy, Utility & Climate and Danish Industry Ingredients Forum Through Open Innovation X (Oi-X)


Date & Time:

Skylab at DTU, Diplomvej, bygning 373A, 2800 Kongens Lyngby

Hosted by:
Marie Louise Møllebæk Pollmann-Larsen



Open Innovation X Global Goals – October 2018

DTU Skylab, the innovation hub for student innovation and entrepreneurship at DTU, invite you to participate in Oi-X, and gain access to real world challenges with a focus on UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Bring new solutions to life in collaboration with leading companies, including KOMBIT, HelloScience by Novozymes and Grundfos, The Ministry of Energy, Utility and Climate and Danish Industry Ingredients Forum. This gives you an opportunity to gain in-depth experience with development projects of all kinds, while simultaneously contributing great value to society.

·       Win prices (total of 70,000 DKK)
·       Solve grand challenges with leading companies through the Sustainable Development Goals
·       Strengthen your education and boost your career
·       Have fun and expand your network

Open Innovation X
In Oi-X you will have the possibility to collaborate closely with industry leaders, and experts from the sponsor companies. They bring the challenges and you and your team can boost your development through dialogue with the company.

Work with real world projects to strengthen your entrepreneurial and innovative capabilities and make it possible to acquire and test new competencies.

We don’t expect you to have a team or solution for the challenge before you join on 26 of October. It´s free of charge to join and including all meals and materials.

Watch this video from last year: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t_vmrDc1fRU

Important dates

·       11 OCT 2018 – Oi-X info kick-off 13:50-15:50 @High Tech Summit. Get an introduction to Oi-X and the challenges for Oi-X Global Goals. Free sign-up here: https://www.hightechsummit.dk/
·       26 – 28 OCT 2018: Oi-X Developer weekend
·       06 NOV 2018: Oi-X Finals 17:15 – 20:30

You will be evaluated on: Problem & Market, Solution & Business Model, Feasibility, Creativity, Impact and Empowerment.

Sign-up among the first 50 and get in the pool to win one of the 10 Get Volt Power Banks

Find more information, sign up for the developer weekend here and follow the event on Facebook: Oi-X Global Goals

Oi-X by DTU Skylab: www.Skylab.dtu.dk