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Plant Biologicals Network Symposium 2019

Konference — We need alternatives for the agro industry - can biologicals be a part of the solution?


Date & Time:

University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen Plant Science Centre
Bülowsvej 21a
1870 Frederiksberg

Hosted by:
Plant Biologicals Network



We need alternatives for the agro industry –
can biologicals be a part of the solution?

Agriculture faces a number of challenges in the years to come. Climate change will bring changing or fluctuating growth conditions and introduction of new plant diseases and pests. Research and development in plant resilience and health, pest and disease control will be crucial. At the 2019 PBN symposium we will look at different areas, where plant biologicals might be part of the solution. The symposium is aimed at industry, researchers and students and will focus on applied research and development.

The 2019 topics are:
Increased plant resilience towards climate change
Biological products for pest and disease control
Tomorrow’s sustainable agriculture with microbes
How to ensure efficacy of plant biologicals
Integrating biology-based and conventional crop protection

Download a detailed description of the session topics here.

Registration is open until 6th November 2019.
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Abstract submission is open.
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Exhibition stand
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Contact person
Lene Rasmussen, Plant Biologicals Network coordinator, lras@plen.ku.dk.