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Privacy Online - Human & Legal Solutions

Seminar — Join us for this event to get human and legal perspectives on the question of what is private in an online world


Date & Time:

Nanna Berg Auditorium, 9A.1.01 - KUA3, South Campus, Njalsgade 76

Hosted by:
Human & Legal Innovation (KU PLUS)



2018 was a year of technology giants standing in line for media scandals about their dealings with our privacy. So let’s talk about Privacy in an Online World as computers, smartphones and the digital world play an ever bigger part in our lifes.

What is online privacy even and is Big Brother watching you as George Orwell once predicted or maybe more like is Alexa listening? What does it mean to our society, the way we will be living and the questions we’ll be asking? How could one work to ensure privacy in the future if we at all should?

All those could be questions, but join us to find out when we have invited some great speakers from the Faculties of Law, Humanities and Theology to elaborate on their perspectives on the subject.

The speakers are:
• Sille Obelitz Søe, Postdoc at “Don’t Take it Personal” at Department of Information Studies, Faculty of Humanities
• Henrik Udsen, Professor at Centre for Information and Innovation Law, Faculty of Law.
• Michael Green, Postdoc at Centre for Privacy Studies, Faculty of Theology
• Mads Vestergaard, Ph.D at Centre for Information and Bubble Studies at Department of Media, Cognition and Communication, Faculty of Humanities

The Seminar is for free, but you need to sign-up