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Public talk by Dr. Nayanika Mathur: "Beastly Identification: Separating out innocent from murderous big cats in South Asia"

Foredrag — Associate Professor in Anthropology at the University of Oxford, Nayanika Mathur, will give a talk based on her book "Paper Tiger: Law, Bureaucracy and the Development State in Himalayan India".


Date & Time:

Meeting room, 10.4.05, ToRS, Southern Campus

Hosted by:
Centre of Global South Asian Studies, ToRS and ADI


How is the act of hunting down a specified man-eater is dispensed with in a landscape in which several big cats co-exist, most of which are not man-eaters? How is certain knowledge of the guilt of a big cat arrived at anterior to its killing? This talk constitutes a study of the various methods through which hunters, bureaucrats, locals, scientists, conservationists, and other actors identify a specific, individual man-eater.

Nayanika Mathur is Associate Professor in the Anthropology of South Asia. She is currently writing a book on multispecies ethnography, climate change, and human-big cat conflict in the South Asian Anthropocene.