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Seminar on national perspectives on the EU platform work package

Seminar — Come and discuss the EU Commission’s package on the protection of platform work and its impact on EU Member States with experts from the European Trade Union Institute and experts from Spain, France and Denmark.


Date & Time:

Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen - ROOM: flexroom (8A.0.57)

Hosted by:
Research Centre for Legal Studies in Welfare and Market (WELMA) & and the WorkWel project (Research Project 118164).



In December 2021, the EU Commission proposed an ambitious package for the protection of work mediated through labour platforms. It issued a proposal for a directive improving the working conditions in platform work and a proposal for guidelines on EU competition law extending the right to collective bargaining to solo self-employed on platforms. The seminar looks closer at key issues of the EU initiatives and addresses the question of potential reforms by Member States such as Spain, France and Denmark.