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SMART CITIES: From Smart Thinking - To Smart Acting

Konference — Cities cover 3-4 % of the world’s surface, but count for 80 % of the world’s GDP. What's more, they’ll be home to most of the world’s population, so it matters how we develop them. We must be smart. Go beyond thinking smart – to actually doing smart. At this conference, you’ll meet experts in smart city development from academia, public and private sector. We will look at some of the best solutions from around the world, and get insights on the toughest challenges that has yet to be overcome.


Date & Time:

Ramboll Head Office
Hannemanns Allé 53
2300 København

Hosted by:
Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen



Demographic developments and environmental challenges put new demands on the way we think and develop our cities. More than half of the world’s population currently lives in cities; by 2030, two-thirds will be urban dwellers; and by 2050 it is estimated that cities will be home to over 70% of the world’s population. The concept of smart city is therefore not just a nice aspiration, but a necessary turn in the way we think, develop, and grow our urban environment.

The question is, how do we take on this challenge, through governance, in concrete projects and in new urban districts, such as Ørestad. Places that might have some of the best possibilities to transform ‘smart’ from something we talk about becoming, to something we actually do – together.

At this conference you will meet practitioners and experts that will:

  • Provide a macro-level perspective on smart cities
  • Give concrete examples from city districts on challenges and success factors in the collaborative process
  • And on a micro-level, discuss Ørestad. How can smart city technology improve Ørestad? Where to start? Who should be involved? Priorities?



13.00 – 13.05: Welcome by Carolina Benjaminsen, CEO, Ørestad Innovation City Copenhagen

13.05 –14.00: From Smart Cities to Smart Governance. Keynote by Pascual Berrone, IESE Business School

14.00 – 14.15: Break

14.15 – 14.45: Building smart – Possibilities and challenges when designing and building smart from the start. Rikke Faaborg Jarmer, Development Director, CPH City & Port Development

14.45 – 15.15: City Planning for The Smart City – The essentials when planning for future urban living. Søren Hansen, Project Director at Ramboll’s Smart City Unit

15.15 – 16.00: Process / workshop

16.00 – 16.20: Collective dialogue

16.20 – 16.30: Closing remarks

16.30 – 17.00: Networking and refreshments

OBS: The event will be in English



ØICC was founded in 2017 to unleash Ørestad’s innovation potential. It is a neutral platform that facilitates knowledge sharing, creates professional networks, and supports member consortiums realize new projects and partnerships. ØICC always works in-between the local and global. We’re an ‘eco-system’, not an ‘ego-system’ where the members collaborate to compete. Do you want to learn more? Visit our website here