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Seminar — A new concept for students that want to discuss sustainability in a cross-disciplinary setting. Enjoy five hours of exclusive academic input, contact with other engaged students and a great lunch. All on the 15th floor of the new Mærsk Tower.


Date & Time:

Room 7.15.149 in the top of the Mærsk Tower.

Hosted by:
Sustainability Science Centre



The Anthropocene is a new epoch in the geological history of the world. Now human beings themselves are a geological force to be reckoned with. We shape the world around us in a scale never seen before. This is a major acknowledgement, and one that is hugely contested among different actors of society.

In order to understand this new epoch and act on it, we need to integrate different fields and academic disciplines.

Crossing borders
Expertise is vital for working academically with this new epoch, but collaboration across disciplines and backgrounds is just as important, if we are to tackle the societal issues that emerge.

At Stimulus students from a whole range of different studies are put together to receive the newest input from research experts, and afterwards discuss and hear differing perspectives from students with other academic backgrounds.

Read more and apply no later than the 15th of May: http://sustainability.ku.dk/lectures-congresses/stimulus/