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Sustainability Lecture w. Dan Esty & Connie Hedegaard

Foredrag — How can global action on climate change be accelerated? Reflections from an American and European perspective


Date & Time:

Einar Lundsgaards auditoriet, Blegdamsvej 3C, 2200 Copenhagen

Hosted by:
Sustainability Science Centre



Covid-19, war in Ukraine and other societal issues keep stealing the thunder from the greatest challenge of our time: Climate change. Join Dan Esty, Connie Hedegaard, and Katherine Richardson for a conversation about which levers are essential if we want action now!

Dan Esty is a Professor of Environmental Law and Policy, School of the Environment and Clinical Professor of Environmental Law & Policy, Yale Law School. He will be talking about the American legal possibilities for pushing the politicians to take answer for the green transition and compare the American circumstances to other countries. Esty has an advanced view on energy and the energy transition since he is former Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.


Further, Connie Hedegaard will share the European perspectives on the topic regarding approaches and challenges. Hedegaard is former EU Commissioner and Minister in Denmark, most recently Minister of the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen in 2009.

The lecture is open but registration is required.