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Synapse presents: To PhD or not to PhD

Seminar — Are you unsure if you should pursue a Ph.D. to get into research in the Life Science industry? Synapse invite 4 people from the industry to tell about their working experiences with and without a Ph.D. A HR/recruiting manager will also elaborate on the topic. For more information go to our facebook event


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Benzon Auditorium,Nørre Campus (School of Pharmaceutical Sciences) Universitetsparken 2, 2100, Copenhagen Ø

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The bar continues to be set ever higher to earn employment in the Danish life science industry; therefore, it is important to optimize your academic profile so it presents you and your skills in the best way. Some people choose to do this by researching a subject in-depth to obtain a PhD, while others go directly into the industry after completing their Master’s degree.

To shed some light on what the different choices can mean for your career, Synapse invites students and new graduates to an evening of discussing whether ‘to PhD or not to PhD’. There will be four professionals total, two with and two without a PhD, to share their experiences, speaking to why they made the choices they did and what they now look for when hiring. Additionally, there will be an industry HR manager speaking about the strengths and weaknesses of the different paths.

The evening will offer varying perspectives and options to help you along the way in deciding whether or not pursue a PhD.

Full program to be announced in week 5.

17.00-17.05 – Welcome by Synapse
17.05-17.25 – Speaker session (To be announced)
17.30-17.50 – Speaker session (To be announced)
17.55-18.10 – Break
18.10-18.30 – Liv Spångner Christiansen, senior department manager, Novozymes A/S
18.35-18.55 – Speaker session (To be announced)
19.00-19.20 – HR speaker session (To be announced)
19.20-20.00 – Networking with food

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Important: We will open up for registration the 5th of February through this link, so stay tuned:

Price: Participation is free, but registration and ticket is required