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TOMORROW TALKS: What happens in welfare states when resources are stretched?

Foredrag — Professor Nick Barr will talk about welfare state economics.


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Room 1.1.18, CSS - Øster Farimagsgade 5, 1353 København K

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The Faculty of Social Sciences


We’ve just had elections in Denmark and a new budget is being drawn up.

Denmark has the most expansive welfare state model in the world, but what lessons can we draw from how other countries do welfare? And what can and can’t be done if resources are stretched?

Get an international perspective on welfare state economics by one of the most prominent professors in the field, Nick Barr. Nick Barr is professor of public economics at the London School of Economics and the heart of his work is an exploration of how market failures can both explain and justify the existence of the welfare state.


TOMORROW TALKS is a series of events at The Faculty of Social Sciences zooming in on the challenges of our time and how social sciences can contribute to solving them. Sara Hagemann is Associate Dean for education at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She holds a professorship in Political Science, has previously been part of the management at London School of Economics, and has advised political decisionmakers as an expert on EU-issues.