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Who is to blame for extreme weather events?

Forelæsning — Who's gonna pay the bill when climate changes set in even harder? What is fair? Open lecture with 3 professors on law and ethics in the perspective of climate change.


Date & Time:

Chr. Hansen Auditoriet
Bartholinsgade 4A
1356 København K

Hosted by:
Sustainability Science Centre



Sustainability Science Centre is proud to present a sustainability seminar on 25 April 2019, with Fredi Otto, Emily Boyd and
Kristian Cedervall Lauta.

Attribution and climate extremes: causality, controversy and collective.

Today, it is well established that climate change will inevitably lead to more extreme weather events across the globe. However, the specific chain of causality between emitter and victim, until now, remains uncertain. The emerging controversial science of extreme event attribution allows us to specifically assess how climate change is affecting specific hazards. With respective advances made in environmental social sciences and legal studies, we are at a threshold of establishing causal links between climate change and concrete extreme events.

In this panel, we will offer a state-of-the-art insight into attribution from a physical, social and legal perspective, and discuss what the potential implications of reaching a threshold in this arena might be.