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Why diversity drives innovation

Øvrige — Join this Brew Your Own event for insights about the value of diversity in start-up teams and about how to achieve a healthy mix. This event provides information, inspiration and an opportunity for interaction between deep-tech companies and researchers and students who want to start a business or dream of joining a start-up.


Date & Time:

COBIS, Ole Maaløes Vej 3, 2200 Copenhagen N.

Hosted by:
Copenhagen Science City, BioPeople and COBIS start-up community



Start-up companies can add value and innovation power by making sure that the team has a broad mix of colour, culture and gender. Join this Brew Your Own to hear about the research, get tips on how to achieve diversity and meet companies who aim to mix it up.


FLORENCE VILLESECHE, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR, PHD, CBS. The evidence for the value of diversity and how small teams can expose themselves to differing views.

LIVA ECHWALD-TIJSEN, Founder, Female Founders of the Future. Tips on how to design your start-up team for diversity from the ground up.

LAURA WINTEMUTE, Founder, Homestead. Advice on how to hold on to talented staff from foreign countries and cultures.

CHARLES HENRI GAYOT, CEO, StepUp Solutions. How we got from hiring diverse staff members to creating a fully functional team.

More speakers to be announced…

Who for

Entrepreneurs, researchers and students with interest in starting a business or joining a start-up.