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Top 10 stories on the University Post in 2021

Which stories grabbed your attention in 2021?

On the English-language version of the University Post/Uniavisen, the stories that are the most popular in a typical year are practical guides and lists. This is by design, as the University Post scores high on google search results when people type in search terms relating to studying and doing research in Copenhagen, and the guides are updated year-on-year.

This includes our continually updated guides to student housing options, student reviews of Copenhagen’s student dorms, and lists of the University of Copenhagen’s job roles and salaries.

But apart from these evergreens, some stories in 2021 really had you interested.

Here is a list of the top ten, most-clicked, 2021-released, stories last year!


On tenth spot on our list of most-clicked stories of 2021, many readers really wanted to know what on earth the US Secretary of State, plus entourage, was doing at the University of Copenhagen’s Niels Bohr Institute.


The plight of a University of Copenhagen cancer scientist stuck in limbo on the Øresund Bridge border crossing struck a chord with readers in 2021, and highlighted the confusion over the Brexit consequences for UK PhDs and students.


Many readers also wanted to know the details of how prominent Hong Kong democracy activist Ted Hui managed to flee to Denmark at the beginning of December 2020. It was partly as a result of the efforts of a political science student at the University of Copenhagen.


Jino Victoria Doabi grew up and spent her life in Denmark and is a student at the University of Copenhagen. She is still not qualified to apply for citizenship according to Danish legislation, however. Now she is starting in Danish politics to fight for less restrictive citizenship rights.


It has glowing fur, sweats milk, has 10 gender chromosomes, a poisonous claw, a beak to record electrical impulses from its prey in water, webbing for swimming between its toes, and lays eggs even though it is a mammal. What is it? Judging from the readership, it’s a fascinating animal and you can read more about it here if you missed the article the first time.


Making fifth on our top ten of most-popular newly-released articles in 2021, Kristoffer Szilas, a geologist, describes here how mountaineering allowed him to handle the ‘indescribably harsh environment’ in which young researchers have to live.


A University Post citizen journalism concept had students reviewing their own dorms in the period 2012 to 2016. This has been kickstarted again by student reporters and one of their reviews for the dorm Basecamp Copenhagen was on fourth spot on the University Post list.


Two sociology students attracted a good deal of reader interest on the University Post when they left their comfort zone and did fieldwork in an internet forum for pedophiles that is against the abuse of children.


Second spot goes to a controversial featured comment by Maria Heines, which claimed that the University of Copenhagen was not serious in its anti-racism efforts.


Finally, on number one, and the most clicked new article in 2021: The story of how master’s degree student Bingzhi Zhu was deported from Denmark. Up until the last minute, she tried to get her residence permit extended. Without success. »Don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for the Danish system,« she said.

The University Post newsroom wishes all of our readers a Happy New Year!