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2018 Copenhagen Concussion Conference

Konference — The conference will address and discuss state-of-the-art concussion research and treatment.


Date & Time:

University of Copenhagen, Søndre Campus, Emil Holms Kanal 6, 2300 Copenhagen S, Auditorium 23.0.50.

Hosted by:
Center for Hjerneskade/Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury

DKK 3300/EUR 450


The conference is organised by the Center for Rehabilitation of Brain Injury. It brings together professionals from a broad range of disciplines in order to present and discuss state-of-the-art concussion research and treatment.

The sessions and lectures of the conference address the biomedical and psychological aspects of concussion with a focus on factors of importance for development and treatment of prolonged post-concussive symptoms in adults and children.

Dr. Mark Burns, PhD, Georgetown University (US)

Dr. Christopher Giza, MD, UCLA (US)

Dr. Nigel King, PhD, University of Oxford (GB)

Dr. Nina Feddermann-Demont, MD, Swiss Concussion Center (CH)

Dr. Keith Yeates, PhD, University of Calgary (CA)

Dr. Grant L. Iverson, PhD, Harvard Medical School (US)

More information: www.cfh.ku.dk/2018ccc