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The Marriage Project / Love in a mental health hospital

Øvrige — What happens when inpatients of a psychiatric institution are encouraged to get married to each other and build lives together within the hospital grounds? The Marriage Project, a thematically unique and intriguing Iranian documentary, tells you just that. Following the screening there will be a panel discussion.


Date & Time:

The Cinematheque, Gothersgade 55, 1123 Copenhagen

Hosted by:
Global Health Film Days



About the film
The film is set in a facility with around 500 inhabitants. It depicts the stories of individual patients, their hopes and dreams, and the relationships they have built themselves. On the other hand, it also shows the side of the doctors and the committee and the process through which they select potential wedding candidates. Join us for an engaging exploration of both the concept of marriage and the meaning of patient autonomy.

Director: Hesam Eslami, Atieh Attarzadeh Firozabad
Iran, France, 2019, 80 min. English subtitles
Allowed over 15 years

Panel discussion after the film about the concept of marriage and the meaning of patient autonomy. The event will be in English.