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What role for human duties, obligations and responsibilities in our European human rights discourse?

Forelæsning — As part of President of the European Court of Human Rights Robert Spano’s official visit to Denmark, he will deliver a public lecture at the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen organised by iCourts, the Danish National Research Foundation’s Centre of Excellence for International Courts. After President Spano’s talk, a debate will follow where the audience is invited to pose questions to Spano.


Date & Time:

Alf Ross Auditorium (room 9A.3.01),Faculty of Law, Njalsgade 76, 2300 Copenhagen S

Hosted by:
Faculty of Law in collaboration with iCourts


While individuals in society all have rights which have to be respected by the State, they do not live in isolation in their community. They also have duties, obligations and responsibilities to liberal democracy itself and to the community of persons who make up society. President Spano will give an overview of how international human rights law, and in particular the European Convention on Human Rights, articulates not just the concept of human rights, but also human duties, obligations and responsibilities. How do we understand human duties, often seen as the corollary to human rights, within the Convention system? How will the Court develop the notion of “social solidarity” in its case-law in the future? In what way can emphasising human duties respond to criticisms that our European human rights discourse has become characterised by excessive individualism?”

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